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Take a few moments to learn how Smart Service™ can save your company time and money.

Unmatched QuickBooks® Integration

Eliminate time-wasting double data entry with Smart Service™. Whenever customers or jobs are added to Smart Service™, they are sent to QuickBooks® in real-time. Save your business a tremendous hours of payroll hand entering the same data in multiple systems. Once a job is completed in Smart Service™ an invoice is created in QuickBooks®, and the job is ready to be billed immediately, with no manual invoicing after the fact. Request a demo today to see how your business can save time, and become more profitable.

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Simple Drag-and-Drop Scheduling

Does your business need both routing, and scheduling software? Smart Service™ is a fully-featured software package for both. The intuitive drag-and-drop capability of the scheduling screens allows your office to schedule jobs quickly and efficiently. Our exclusive Smart Find feature ensures your customer representative knows the most advantageous available time-slots to provide service. Your employees now have the information needed to make the most profitable scheduling decisions. Request a demo to learn more about our easy to use scheduling system.

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A full day's worth of work in your pocket

iFleet and Fleet will quickly become one of the most valuable tools you put in your technician's belt. Sending a full days worth of work to your employee in the field, and receiving continuous updates throughout the day, is crucial data to any business owner.

• Professional, branded forms

• Up to date GPS positions in iFleet
• Automatic job dispatching up to 7 days in advance
• Document and update customer tank equipment records
• Customer service history for quick review

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The most flexible service industry software.

Every septic tank and grease pumping service company is different, and each company has its own way of doing things. Smart Service field service software is flexible enough to work with your job process, not force you into one. Take advantage of our customizable fields to collect exactly the data you need, whether it's tank capacities or volume of materials pumped on the job.  The reporting features are equally extensive; any data you enter in Smart Service™ can be sorted, filtered, and tracked. This flexibility allows business owners to have an unparalleled amount of data at their fingertips at any given time to prepare detailed reports or reach out to customers with reminder mailings. Smart Service is more than just service dispatching software, it’s a tool for your septic tank company to outperform and outgrow your competitors.

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